About us


While politicians begin the callous process of dismantling the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), we have been hearing stories from around the country about how the ACA has affected American’s lives AND the lives of their friends and loved ones.

As Congress undertakes the process of repealing the ACA without an equivalent plan in sight, more urgent stories are pouring in from those who require the coverage protections of ACA simply to survive.

Our lives are not expendable in the pursuit of politics. The vision of the ACA is a simple one – allow as many Americans as possible the opportunity to get quality, affordable health care, regardless of pre-existing condition. If Congress doesn’t understand what is at stake, we feel the best way to show them is through the stories of average Americans – the challenges they face, the ways in which ACA has helped them or family, and what we stand to lose as a nation if we leave the most vulnerable Americans to fend for themselves.

Please join us in helping to make sure we don’t go back to the days where people had to choose between their health or their rent. Amplify these stories until Congress and the White House get the message: people’s lives and their health matter more than politics.

– The Without ACA Team